Snatch Readers’ Interest with Captivating Headlines

Snatch Readers’ Interest with Captivating Headlines

Writing original content for your website can be baffling. You need to write interesting, informative content that visitors will consider useful, yet you want search engines to easily find it. The headline you use is a critical part of the puzzle.

Headlines summarize the content to follow for both readers and search engines. When properly crafted, they will draw readers in, command their interest and encourage them to read more.

A successful headline will:

  • Grab a reader’s attention. Write your headline in the present tense. Use strong verbs and include the most important information first.
  • Concisely summarize the content. Use the headline to give readers the main thrust of your content and compel them to read more. Never use misleading headlines; they will only alienate readers and negatively affect your website’s credibility.
  • Reflect the reason for the content. Why have you written the content you will now be publishing? Use the headline to briefly convey the point of what you have written.
  • Maintain a style and tone consistent with the content. If the content is written in a serious, businesslike tone, adopt a similar tone for the headline. If the content is a lighthearted blog post, write a complementary headline. Tempting as they may be, puns do not translate well to search engines, so it is best to be literal when composing your headline.
  • Contain relevant keywords. Take a moment to think which keywords a reader might use to find your content. Incorporate those keywords into the headline, but do a quick search first to ensure that the same headline does not exist elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Conform to capitalization guidelines, including any subheadings. If you maintain a style guide for your website, follow that guide to maintain accuracy and consistency. Proofread the headline carefully to avoid any errors in spelling or grammar.

Some writers make a practice of always composing the headline first, before writing any body content. They then use the headline to guide them as they develop the article. Either way you do it, pay special attention to your headline. Crafting a compelling headline is a good way to create interest in your content and make your article one that visitors will want to read. When done right, your headline can convert a scanner to a reader.


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