Engage your Readers by Telling a Story

Engage your Readers by Telling a Story

Long or short, true or created, just about everyone loves a good story. Even before stories were put into writing, ancient cultures used rock art to tell their tales. Today, a well-written story can still paint a vivid picture and evoke reader emotions. When incorporated into your website content, storytelling can be an effective way to engage readers and strengthen your marketing message.

When you tell a story, you invent the narrative, and you can use a variety of problem/solution-based narratives as platforms to educate potential customers about your product or service. You can also embed traditionally awkward SEO keywords and keyword phrases that may be otherwise difficult to include in your website writing.

Create Problem/Solution Oriented Narratives

One advantage to creating your own narrative in your website writing is you can attract the kind of business and customers you want. You have a wealth of information about your own product or service, the myriad ways it is used, and you have ideas of how it could be used.

Your narratives can highlight a specific problem, one that mirrors readers’ own problems, and the way that your product or service solves the problem. Your story could be an actual case study, one that readers can relate to, and one that encourages them to read more. When a story is told in the voice of a user rather than the business selling the product, the claims are more credible. Also consider using a question-and-answer format, anticipating common questions about your product.

Story Lines Allow a Broad Range of SEO Strategies

It can be hard to incorporate question-based or awkward SEO phrases into your web content. But story-based content can allow you to incorporate them via conversations between characters, or a narrator telling the audience, “I wondered, ‘how do I find the best dog trainer in Indianapolis?’” Use your story to expand SEO and watch the leads add up.

Narratives Should Focus on a Variety of Demographics

Regardless of the narrative voice you choose, you have the opportunity to appeal to single mothers, families, young professionals, elderly customers on fixed incomes, or whatever group your target audience comprises. Step into your customers’ minds and tell them a story they want to hear, rather than trying to pitch sales and product statistics at them. You want stories that make all types of readers think, “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel,” as they make their way to becoming your next new customers.

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