Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Proofreading

Four Quick Tips to Improve Your Proofreading

You have spent hours — maybe weeks — writing compelling content for your website in an effort to draw and retain visitors. Before you go live with your content, though, take the important next step of carefully proofreading everything.

Careless typos and misspelled text can adversely affect your website’s credibility, distracting and alienating prospective customers. Strive for a reliable, professional site by giving your content a complete review before publishing.

These four tips will help you improve your proofreading technique.

  • Never proofread just from a computer monitor. Always print your content and proofread it on paper. Since it’s almost impossible to thoroughly proofread your own work, enlist the help of someone else and read your text to that person. When proofreading, two heads really are better than one.
  • Go over the text for structure and clarity, taking care to check that your word usage is correct. If you are not completely sure of a word, use a dictionary to look it up. Be certain that subjects and verbs agree. Do not overlook headlines, headings and link text.
  • Read your text again just for punctuation, ignoring the words. Check that there are periods at the ends of sentences and commas where they belong. Make sure hyphens aren’t used where dashes should be. Pay special attention to quotation marks and parentheses — when there’s one, there invariably should be another.
  •  After you have scrutinized and corrected everything on paper, proofread your content on the screen after the page has been built but before going live.

We admit it, proofreading is a laborious task, but forgoing it is a risk not worth taking. To give your audience a positive experience and to protect your website’s reputation, consider proofreading a vital part of your online publishing process.


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