How Proofreading Affects Your Website’s Credibility

How Proofreading Affects Your Website’s Credibility

It sounds harsh, but studies have shown that when visitors to websites spot typos and careless errors, they’re more than annoyed: they rarely return. Why? It’s a simple question of credibility.

Website credibility is something that the Stanford University Persuasive Technology Lab has been assessing since 1998. Its Web Credibility Project investigates and evaluates those elements of a website that cause visitors to believe – or not believe – what they find online. In a study conducted over three years that involved more than 4,500 participants, researchers found that typographical errors are among the top 10 factors that diminish a site’s credibility. The researchers noted:

“Web users do not overlook simple cosmetic mistakes, such as spelling or grammatical errors. In fact, the findings suggested that typographical errors have roughly the same negative impact on a website’s credibility as a company’s legal or financial troubles.”

Keeping your website error free increases its credibility and inspires consumer confidence. If you were asking yourself if a few mistakes are really such a big deal, now you know the answer.


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