Using a Ghostwriter Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Using a Ghostwriter Doesn’t Have to be Scary

With Halloween approaching, this is an opportune time to discuss ghostwriting and how, when used effectively, it can benefit you.

Ghostwriters are not the apparitional specters one might encounter this time of year; in fact, most aren’t even scary. Ghostwriters are professional writers who put your thoughts into words when you don’t have time to write blog posts, articles or web pages yourself.

In addition to website proofreading and editing, at Web Done Write we ghostwrite for a variety of diverse clients. The topics and style of our writing vary drastically, but we have learned there are a few key points that, when followed, will ensure success in any ghostwriting project.

Using these tips as a guideline will help you manage the ghostwriting process effectively and achieve high-quality, consistent results.

  • Communication is crucial. Provide the writer with enough background to do the job right. Be specific; don’t just say “I need a story on California real estate.” You already know your target audience. Share that information with the writer and, whenever possible, furnish the writer with samples of previously written material. Be aware of any regulatory, legal or branding considerations and communicate them to the writer. Give detailed instructions and be available to answer questions that may arise.
  • Maintain a consistent voice. You want your material to reflect a certain feeling. When you use multiple writers with varying styles, the content becomes inconsistent, and can confuse and disorient your audience. Strive to use the same writer or team of writers for all of your writing projects or, at a minimum, establish written style guidelines and insist that writers conform to them.

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  • Use keywords realistically. Always aim for value in your written piece, something that your audience will actually enjoy reading. Write for targeted readers, not for search engines. Professional ghostwriters know how to strategically embed keywords and produce engaging content at the same time. Using a multitude of unrelated keywords can result in content that increasingly sophisticated search engines will detect, and that readers will resent.
  • Leave revisions to the expert. Many clients see no harm in supplementing or “tweaking” a ghostwriter’s work. Doing so, however, can produce unintended, unprofessional results. Only revise or supplement work when you are completely certain that you are maintaining the original tone and using flawless grammar. Most ghostwriters will revise or add content for you at no or nominal additional charge.

If you need to publish frequent online content, using a ghostwriter can be a smart choice. Following these tips will help you avoid the spooky content goblins that haunt so many websites and run chills down readers’ spines.



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