Write Compelling Content for Boring Products: Impossible?

Write Compelling Content for Boring Products: Impossible?

If your business has not yet reached the point where you have room in the budget for a professional copywriter, you are probably writing your own website content. This can be a test of your patience, creativity and writing skills. If, additionally, the product or service you are promoting is less than glamorous, writing can be a real challenge.

The general public may consider your product not just unglamorous, but boring. You might even feel that way. But that doesn’t mean your content can reflect that outlook; in fact, you will have to work harder to effectively engage your audience. It’s fine if the product or service is boring, but your site content should never be.

It’s not easy to become enthusiastic about some products, but people nonetheless need them. The product or service might help them do their jobs better or it might make everyday life easier. If your product were not fulfilling a need, you wouldn’t be in business.

So how, then, can you make your content interesting and inviting?

Start with AIDA, a marketing formula used in one form or another by copywriters for generations. AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, four key elements that, given Internet readers’ propensity for scanning, are as useful with today’s website copywriting as they were when the formula was originally promoted almost 100 years ago.

Let’s examine the four components and see how you can apply them to your copywriting.

  • Attention. Gaining readers’ attention starts with a well-crafted, enthusiastic headline, one that will encourage them to read on. Start engaging readers with a powerful headline and write one that speaks to the audience. Consider the aspects of your product or service that consumers don’t generally think of, but stay clear of anything inaccurate or sensationalized. Use fresh, lively, strong verbs.
  • Interest. Even the best headline won’t be worth much if the content that follows does not maintain readers’ interest. Try telling a story about your product or service. You might write about a customer’s experience with your product and use the story to entertain and inform your readers. Add a little personality so that you have an intriguing story line that generates excitement naturally.
  • Desire. Create desire by using an energetic, enthusiastic tone to explain to readers why your product is something they’d like to own. Consider your customers’ passions and lifestyles, and focus on them, not on the product. Give readers a reason to identify with your product. Enumerate the benefits, not just the features of the product, and relate them to the customers’ needs.
  • Action. An effective call for action doesn’t have to command readers to “Order Now!” It can be a subtle suggestion that they learn more about your product, view a demo, read testimonials, or just request additional information. Always make it clear what action is available for customers to take, and make it easy for them to do it.

Developing content for mundane brands can be difficult, but it’s never impossible. By applying some imagination and creating a distinctive presentation, you can bring your website copywriting to life and inspire your readers.


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